Traditionally, soldering is done manually. But, new automation technologies present a way to improve this process, allowing manufacturers to reap the rewards of industry 4.0 along even more of their production line. TM Robotics supplies soldering robots for a variety of applications, for high accuracy, automated soldering. Soldering robot | Soldering robotics | Automated soldering


Why choose a soldering robot?


With manual soldering, human error is always a risk. As electronics components get smaller this issue of inaccuracy grows even greater.

One way to solve this is through automation. Using a soldering robot results in improved accuracy, repeatability and throughput of the whole soldering process. By removing the risk of human error, absolute positional accuracy can be maintained.

Plus, errors when soldering manually are inconsistent and difficult to detect. By automating the process, it is easy to identify any errors and reprogram the soldering robot to ensure they won’t be repeated.


Soldering robots in partnership with ELMOTEC


TM Robotics supplies a range of accurate and reliable iron soldering robots , ideal for precise soldering applications. These machines are offered in partnership with ELMOTEC, a family-owned Swiss company, with more than thirty years’ experience in the industry.

ELMOTEC specializes in the development and production of electric drives, controlled soldering equipment and machines, all with the aim of solving problems through the latest technologies, including piston soldering.

Within their portfolio, ELMOTEC offer robotic soldering technology , automatic soldering products for the electrical and electronics industries, and components for assembly and handling applications, such as small conveyor belts and rotary drives.

In partnership, TM Robotics and ELMOTEC offer a range of fully automated soldering systems, combining Shibaura Machine’s accurate and reliable SCARA and 6-axis robots , with soldering heads and peripherals designed by ELMOTEC.

All the soldering robots in the range are designed to give peace of mind when it comes to precise soldering applications, eliminating human error and improving consistency and accuracy

Soldering robot | Soldering robotics | Automated soldering ELMOTEC’s soldering heads are easy-to-use and simple to mount onto Shibaura Machine SCARA robots. Peripheral heads compatible with soldering robots include a laser soldering head , perfect for heat-sensitive electrical components. Equipped with a 100-Watt laser, a camera and an integrated pyrometer, it’s the ideal choice if you need short bursts of a high temperature.

When there isn’t much room to maneuver, the high-frequency soldering head is designed for compact induction-heated applications. Alternatively, our flame soldering head offers maximum energy when micro-flame soldering, with a range of nozzles for to suit a variety of applications. Or, for all the benefits of automation but with a small footprint, try our desktop soldering robots.

To learn about our compact soldering robots in action, read this case study .

Or, watch the video below.



Got questions about our table soldering robots? We’ve got answers.

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