Shibaura Machine SCARA Robots

Developed in 1981, the SCARA robot has been around for a while; but, that doesn’t mean it is outdated — it has simply stood the test of time. Our range of SCARA robot machines is the widest on the market, and also the easiest to install and quickest to deliver a return on investment.

Standing for Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm , SCARA robots were designed to mimic the action of a human arm to automate assembly or loading and unloading tasks with speed and precision. The idea is to get all the benefit of a human employee at a higher speed and without fatigue. Adding one or more Shibaura Machine SCARA robots to the production line is one of the more affordable ways to increase production speed and deliver payback on your automation investment, something that is increasingly important to remain competitive in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

SCARA robots are ideal for industrial operations such as  food processing , pharmaceutical or electronics manufacturing and automotive assembly applications where effective and fast pick and place functionality is essential. Components can be picked, placed, moved, packed and unpacked with ease by a robot that keeps its factory floor footprint to a minimum. We can even mount them on the ceiling.

Their speed and efficiency makes Shibaura Machine SCARA models an excellent choice for robot machine tending.

SCARA industrial robots will automate for less

With dozens of bases models, each with dozens of options, we can put together the perfect robot machine for your needs. We’ve got small ones, fast ones and tough ones, so no matter what process you’re automating, we can help get it right.

For example, the THP range was designed to be low weight and have low inertia levels. The durable range offers a fast cycle time of 0.3 seconds, 120 cycles per minute as well as being able to operate continually for 24 hours. The THP550 has an arm length of 550mm and a maximum payload of 2kg, making it ideal for fast-paced functions in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The THL low energy series is a good choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective automation solution. With a payload up to 10kg, the range includes the THL500 , THL600 and THL700 , which have arm lengths of 500mm, 600mm and 700mm respectively and all of the machines in this series offer a Z-axis rotation of 360°. The THL1200 is the largest robot machine in the range, offering a wider working envelope for a wider operational area.

Shibaura Machine also offers Cartesian and 6-axis robot models. 

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